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I really ought to pay my little part of the internet some attention! It has been far too long, I am well aware. But in that time I have got a new job and fallen behind with social media because honestly, I have been enjoying life. Anyway, as Christmas is just two days away now is the time for me to share my tips on how to stay well with IBD over the Christmas season. This is such an indulgent time of the year, and when there is so much good food and such a good time to be had you can often feel a little worse for wear when the whole period is over.

  1. Don’t Overeat – Might sound a tad obvious but seriously, when you are full know when to stop, there is nothing worse than that feeling of being stuffed and uncomfortable. For those of us with IBD it is also such a strain and pressure on the digestive system and the gut. 
  2. Don’t Skip Meals – This now might sound like I am contradicting myself but don’t skip meals thinking you are doing yourself a favour. When you get to the next meal you will more easily over eat and also have the mindset that you can eat more because you’ve skipped a meal – well no. They don’t say breakfast is the most important meal for nothing … start you day off on the right foot and set your metabolism up. 
  3. Soup Is A Meal – I know quite a few people – mainly men it has to be said – that think soup is not a meal. Well it is, and it is good, warming and nutritious for you. Soup is also incredibly easy on the digestive system, giving it a quick break during the festivities without missing a meal.
  4. Peppermint Tea – Should be your best friend. Even long before my IBD diagnosis I was never more than five minutes away from a peppermint tea. Peppermint is calming on the stomach muscles and also helps the bile flow in your digestive system which is essential for digesting fat – the very trigger that can make people feel ill. 
  5. Re-hydrate Before YouDehydrate! A classic, but for a reason… Alcohol is all over the place during the party season, and how can you not indulge in a glass of bubbles or two, three, floor… I know for so many IBD sufferers alcohol is a real struggle, and can wreak havoc on the gut. However, I have learnt to stop if you don’t feel 100%, but to also drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. For every alcoholic drink I have I follow it with water. And a mantra of mine – you don’t need alcohol to have a good time.
  6. Medication Is Also For Christmas – Might seem like an obvious one, but I am sat typing this knowing I haven’t taken my medication properly for the last two days. If like me you love routine, and have a 9 -5, falling out of that over Christmas can be really easy, I’m no longer getting up at the same time, out and about during the day, it is so easy to forget. But try not to, and make more of an effort to take your medication before you leave the house and know when your next dose is and where you will be. 
  7. Stress LessChristmas can bring out the worst in people, being in close proximity of your family, stressing over the presents, the food, anything and everything can turn into something. But learn to let it go, breathe and just smile. Stress creates the hormone cortisol which has been known to contribute to that stubborn belly fat as well as symptoms such as tiredness and headaches. 
  8. Sleep! – Might seem obvious here, but really getting a good nights sleep (as well as partying hard!) is the key to many health benefits. Not just ticking the 8 hours, but actually getting good quality uninterrupted sleep. When you go to sleep your body rests and repairs itself, 

Add more of your tips below 🙂


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