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I promised myself when I started this blog that I would still continue to write beauty posts (as I did with my previous blog), and I just haven’t had the mojo if I’m honest. I feel the beauty blogging world is saturated and I just need to find my niche. Which in time I think I will gather more momentum with, so without further a do, here it is – my first beauty blog for my Coping With Colitis readers, enjoy!

For IBD sufferers so many people go through insomnia, whether it stems from anxiety or, more often than not from our medication I’m sure we have all experienced it. Even before my IBD diagnosis if I was particularly stressed, or had exams coming up I just couldn’t sleep. Now, just to be clear, I absolutely love sleep, those that know me also know I love a good nap. Even when taking prednisilone I never suffered from insomnia, which sadly I know so many of you have. So I thought I would share with you two products which I use before bed to help me get in the zone, and if anything else, just relax.

I have always had a bit of an obsession with lavender, luckily it is a sleep aid! Maybe that’s why I love sleep so much?! Anyway, first up this beautiful product from Lush Cosmetics called Sleepy. There was so much media coverage around this product, I just had to see what all of the fuss was about. Insomniacs all over social media were saying this is a pot of magic, and people who had suffered from years of disrupted sleep were finally drifting off.

For £13.95 you get 215g worth of product, and trust me a little goes a long way. I also don’t use it every night, I tend to use it on the nights where I have showered that evening to really get in the sleepy zone. The lotion just melts onto the skin, and is so nourishing and moisturising. Thanks to the Almond Oil. I have woken up with soft supple skin, a lot of body moisturisers don’t tend to stay on overnight, so this really pack a punch. The colour is of course lilac and smells like heaven the formula contains Lavender Flower Infusion as well as Lavender Water. I always feel ‘good’ buying from Lush as they are so sustainable, and resourceful with all of their ingredients and packaging, no testing on animals, handmade and fresh. Don’t forget to keep the tub after you have used it and return to a Lush store for recycling – worth a read about here.

Next up, another lavender themed gem, the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, from This Works…

I have lost count of the amount of bottles I have owned of this stuff, it is amazing! Every evening before bed I spray my pillow (and Tom’s if he is lucky enough) and let is soak in a little bit before going to sleep – the formula is clear so it doesn’t stain pillowcases or bedding. It is also good to spray in between the sheets when you are changing your bed, that way the scent comes out when you move around in your sleep. I also take this whenever I go somewhere, the smell automatically relaxes me and reminds me of home. The bottle is 75ml so it easily passes in hand luggage, and you can purchase smaller ones – although a word of warning – maybe don’t spray it directly on the plane as others around you might not like it (I know from experience), so now what I do is spray it on my clothes or eye mask before boarding.

What are your nighttime rituals? I hope the products are a huge help to someone reading this…


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