Medication | Prednisolone 10mg Week 7

Week Seven – Prednisolone 10mg (2 tablets)

I have to admit week six and seven are pretty similar – the only difference this week is that my skin has noticeably cleared up! I feel more reflective this week, going down to just two tablets from eight is amazing. The way my body is healing, I can’t quite believe that just seven weeks ago I was in absolute agony, miserable, exhausted – just not in a good place. These little tablets have made quite the transformation, and I know that I am incredibly lucky and one of the few to have had a good experience on Prednisolone, maybe it is because it is the first time I am taking them? Or maybe I was over prepared after scaring myself reading all the horrible side effects.

This week Tom and I had a lovely walk to Camden through Primrose Hill … I do love London, and it breaks my heart to see such tragic events happening in our capital.


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