Medication | Prednisolone 15mg Week 6

Week Six – Prednisolone 15mg (3 tablets)

As I write this I have just 2 weeks left! I can’t quite believe it, but anyway – the week that was…

A few weeks ago now I went to an event in Central London put on by Crohn’s and Colitis UK – they have them available mainly in London, but I think they are looking to roll them out across the UK. More information about the Patient Education Programme can be found HERE. It is well worth going to one if you can, I met some lovely people and felt at ease being newly diagnosed. It was a great opportunity for me as a newbie to learn about, well everything! (It was a tad overwhelming at points). However, I learnt a lot, and picked up lots of leaflets on different aspects of IBD. One of the main things mentioned, that was relevant to me, was that when you are prescribed an 8 week course of steroids for example that reduces by 5mg each week by the time you get to 15mg, 10mg and 5mg – the steroids become somewhat ‘ineffective’ at tackling the inflammation, at this stage you are being weened off the medication to allow your body to cope and recover coming off the steroids.

When you go down by 5mg you don’t notice the difference immediately, it may take a couple of days. The main difference this week – I wouldn’t say pain – I would say it was more like I felt there was move ‘activity’ going on in my stomach/bowels – it felt odd. At no point did I have diarrhoea or anything that would suggest I’m not on the road to recovery, but it is just something I noticed. The second main thing, is finally – my skin is clearing up! Now I think the posts on my face were partly the steroids and combination of hormones, however the spots on my chest and top of my back, definitely the steroids!

Other than IBD on my mind – I had a relatively lovely week. Tom and I spent Sunday morning in the kitchen baking banana bread and making my weekly soup 🙂


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