Medication | Prednisolone 20mg Week 5

Week Five – Prednisolone 20mg (4 tablets)

Really not long left to go now! I am getting a little worried at how my body is going to react coming off the steroids, but then again going on them was fine? Only time will tell I guess…

Side effects? Much the same – my skin is less spotty than last week, but still feels much oilier and as the summer is coming along this really isn’t helping. The spots which are becoming a little irritating are on my chest, they don’t look nice, but they are also in an awkward place where you can’t really squeeze them (horrible, I know!).

I have been monitoring my weight this week, but as it has only really been 10 days it isn’t much to go by – things are the same. But like I said I haven’t been ‘snacking’ at least not on unhealthy things – but trust me the hunger or increase of appetite is definitely there.

(As I write this I am on day 2 of 15mg and I have to admit there have been a couple of twinges in my tummy, nothing serious but I am keeping a close eye).

Some photos from my weekend – life can still bloom and be beautiful on steroids…


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