Medication | Prednisolone 30mg Week 3

Week Three – Prednisolone 30mg (6 tablets)

So 6 tablets was way easier than taking 7. I actually look forward to the days where I tick off another day down and another week less of steroids running through my system.

In terms of how I am feeling? Well, there have been no ‘major’ or ‘common’ symptoms, but I have noticed my skin is a little spottier than usual. Which I believe is probably down to the steroids but also I have had to change some of the products I used to use as you can’t use them when you take Prednisolone. So I will keep an eye on this and maybe retest the waters with a quick exfoliate and pray I don’t have a reaction – but then again your skin changes throughout the month and some of it can be hormonal so I am trying not to nit pick into everything. I am sleeping really well, my face hasn’t ‘poofed’ out yet and I haven’t gained weight – but then again I haven’t been tracking (from Week 4 I will start to do this).

There is definitely an increase in appetite, but I am trying to suppress this by drinking a lot of water and green tea – which works most of the time. I’m not a gym bunny, so to try and counter act any weight gain etc I have been moving a little more – whether that is getting off at a different tube stop, picking up the pace on my morning commute so that I get my heart racing or just going up and down the stairs at home making tea, doing laundry etc. Being at a desk job can be a little hard and I try and move as much as possible – so yesterday I spent an hour (whilst my boss was out) clearing out my desk, this has made sitting at my desk so much nicer and I feel like I have decluttered my head 🙂  now just to take this home and maybe start on my wardrobe…?

Last weekend I made a really scrummy Smoked Mackerel Pate (I am trying to up my protein and oily fish in take, which I will write a separate post about) and I will be sharing this recipe soon too 🙂


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